A Beautiful Mind By John Nash Essay

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The film A Beautiful Mind portrays the journey of John Nash, one of the greatest minds in history. The film begins with Nash starting his graduate school. Right away it is apparent that Nash is socially awkward and is not used to interacting with many people. He has become comfortable being alone and prefers this. He comes across as pretty arrogant, and views himself to be above his peers intellectually. During the course of school, Nash makes a revolutionary breakthrough that challenges a theory people have come to accept for many years. After this he is known as one of the greatest mathematicians. As the film follows his career, it also follows the stages of his worsening schizophrenia. So many of the things that Nash has thought to be large parts of his life and career turn out to be mere hallucinations. He begins the long and never ending struggle of controlling these hallucinations without sacrificing the mind that makes him a brilliant mathematician.
Nash is very clearly schizophrenic and displays many of the characteristic symptoms of the disease. One of the first scenes shows how his senses are heightened. When they are at the introductory luncheon at the middle, he follows the pattern off the crystal of the glassware to the pattern on the tie of the man he is talking to. This ability to pick out patterns is part of what makes him the mathematician he is. He also demonstrates this characteristic when he is at the Governor’s event with Alicia as he…

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