Essay on A Behavioral Mind Therapy Weight Loss Study

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Methodology There is an overwhelming large number of obese people living in the United States, particularly in the State of West Virginia. The need for a weight loss study to be conducted in this state is so needed. West Virginia has the second largest obesity population. According to the Robert Wood Foundation Obesity Report of (2015), “West Virginia 's adult obesity rate is currently 35.7 percent, up from 23.9 percent in 2000 and from 13.7 percent in 1990”. The methodology section of this research will describe the research design, where study will take place, the population used and how information will be collected. A longitudinal design study will be used to guide this research process. This design process was selected because of the time frame needed to conduct this research. With this design study, the researcher can observe the subjects over a period of time. Some limitations for using this type of study are that its costly and difficult to retain subjects over a period of time. A Behavioral Mind Therapy Weight Loss study will be conducted by the Sharon’s Foundation Research Group in Shepherdstown, West Virginia on a population of 30 obese female subjects ages 20-55 for a period of 52 weeks. An equal number of subjects will be chosen from each race.
1. 6 Whites
2. 6 Blacks
3. 6 Asians
4. 6 Hispanics

The conductors for this research are a Bachelor’s prepared Registered Nurse and a Certified Nursing Assistant. Researchers will obtain…

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