A Dream of a Life Time Essay

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A Dream of a Life Time
Once upon a time there was a prince named Prince Zipo. He lived just north of a village called Northville. Prince Zipo was a handsome man. He had Blonde hair and blue eyes, he never disrespected someone older or if the person was a lady. He had a lot of manors. One day he went south to the village of Northville and found a beautiful princess. She also had Blonde hair, but she had hazel eyes that were so cute.
Well on that day he saw her he fell madly in love. But he didn’t know who she was or where she came from. But he didn’t care. He walked right up to her and said “Hello Beautiful, What is your name?” She replied “My name is none of your concern!” “Why?” Prince Zipo replied. “Because I’m older then you and you
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Until they were caught. The king ordered them to never see each other. They were devastated. But they still tried seeing each other. The prince and princess still snuck out at night to see each other.

Well they were caught again and he had to fight a nasty dragon who has never failed to kill a human in a fight. So on the day of the fight Keelin walked over to Prince Zipo and whispered something in his ear. He smiled and then went to battle. It took a half hour just trying to weaken the dragon he was strong but could be defeated.
The dragon was large. And the dragon’s teeth were razor sharp. All Zipo had was a long sword that was his grandfather’s. It was Gold and Silver and had crazy engravings. Zipo took the sword and stabbed the dragon in the foot rolled over near the dragon’s tail. Zipo ran up the dragon’s tail onto his back, and poked the dragon in the eye. The dragon in rage grabbed him and slammed him to the ground. In pain Zipo coughed and grunted getting up and yelled at the dragon “Get at me!” so the dragon looked at him with an evil look and charged at him. He rolled out of the way and ran toward his sword as the dragon turned around and followed him the dragon charged at him again.
Zipo grabbed his sword and swung at the dragon. The dragon stepped back and huffed. Zipo and the dragon were staring at each other and it started to get quite. All you heard was the princess yell “Stab him in the throat!” so Zipo did as she said. He lunged

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