A Good Chance For Her Mind Essay

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"So how was Blackhouser? Heard it gets pretty cold up there." Molly asked, taking another sip of her drink.

"It can." Marie nodded. In the back of her mind, she felt bad for not being as engaged as she wanted to be, but she just couldn 't get past Molly 's Holsteinesque appearance. It was such a glaring and inexplicable series of changes that Marie had to resist gawking at Molly, or bombarding her with questions about them.

"And how were the classes, moo?" Molly asked.

"Fine- wait!" Marie 's head spun to her right to face Molly. "Did, did you just say 'moo? ' "

"Did I?" Molly wondered, to which Marie nodded her head vigorously. "I guess it must 've slipped out or something.

"Anyways, you were saying?"

"Actually, I have a few more questions, if you don 't mind." Marie interjected. This seemed like a good chance for her to get some much-wanted answers.

"Go ahead." Molly said, though there was the faintest hint of doubt in her voice. Regardless, Marie continued.

"So are you aware that you 're part cow or something?"

"Yeah. Is that all?"

"Well, how 'd this happen to you?" Marie asked. Molly gave out a nervous chuckle in response.

"Geez, Muh- Marie, are all your questions gonna be about this?" Regardless of Molly 's intentions, a poignant pause now loomed in the air. Realizing she had accidentally hit a nerve, Marie shoved aside her curiosity.

"Sorry Molly. It 's just really odd how..." Marie began to apologize, but stopped when she noticed she wasn 't…

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