Essay on A Long Period Of Time

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A long period of time ago, there was a beautiful girl, Eva, who enjoyed playing piano. She had a fiancé called David who had a stable job in Owaska, the country where there were numerous work opportunities. David had little fortune, no any family member to rely on, hence, he realized that getting an untroubled life was almost impossible. He worked hard to get a chance training in another town. Meanwhile, Eva entered a piano race in Junda. Eva hoped David could go with her, but he was not willing to forgo the once-in-a-lifetime chance.Eva came to understand that to David, that chance was so much more meaningful than her place in his heart. Eventually, She Left Owaska and went to Junda by herself.
People from across the world travelled to Junda, as most of them came to experience the art of music, while some came for the chance to be known. However, it was also like a vast maze, where Eva often got lost there. She was heading towards the contest, but ended up spending most of her time trying to find the location. However, there was not much time left before the contest started. Caught up in this helpless situation, Eva desperately cried. She even hoped her fiancé would show up and take her to the site.
“Excuse me, madam, but are you in trouble? Maybe I can help you.” A tall man came to Eva and asked. “I lost my way. I need to be at the piano contest now, but I still cannot find where it is.” Eva answered. “Do not be worried, I am a tour guide, I can take you there.” Two…

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