A Poem That Will Make Minds Go Crazy Essay

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A Poem That Will Make Minds Go Crazy When an author writes a poem, they express their feelings and draws the reader into the poem. The reader will sometimes relate to it and understand what the author is trying to say. The book Howl has four parts, but the actual poem is only the first three parts and the fourth part is foot note. I argue that Allen Ginsberg’s book, Howl is too difficult to grasp because the reader must research and translate every line in order to understand the author’s message. Ginsberg does not get to his point and published a book that the reader can’t understand, he’s not getting to his point. Part one Ginsberg talks about wild nights he did with his friends that took place in the 1950s. He starts every line with the word “who”. But reading the first part some of the lines are easy to understand, but most of the lines are hard to know what its saying. Just page nine is confusing. For example in line three he speaks of “angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night” (Ginsberg line 3). After reading this line he reader must be thinking, “What does this mean?” And think it was trying to talk about angels burning some weed trying to talk to people in heaven. But the real meaning of this is “The ‘religion’ of the hipsters seems to be more about sheer energy and an immediate connection to a higher power than about rules and traditional kinds of organized prayer” (Shmoop Line 3). There are…

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