A Study On The Domain Of Archaea Essay

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This paper will refer to the domain of Archaea. The archaea are single-celled prokaryotes that were classified in the bacteria domain naming them the Archaeabacteria. Until just recently the scientific community decided that these special creatures belonged in their very own domain. The archaea resembled the eukaryotes more than the bacteria even though they were still a prokaryotic organism. So these micro-organisms had to be moved into its own domain.
These organisms are what many biologists call the “Life Extremists”. They are found in places that have horrible environmental conditions. Places like a hot springs in Yellowstone National Park or even found in the stomach of humans and cows to help with digestion. Some scientists believe these organisms may be the oldest living inhabitants on planet Earth. Some micro-biologists also believe we will see some archaean organisms on a moon in our very ownsolar system.

Introduction: There are three domains Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. This is what I would call the cradle of life. Every living organism known today came from these three domains. The Eukaryotes are found in the Eukarya domain as the Prokaryotes are found in the Bacteria and Archaea domains. Bacteria are usually a single-celled organism with no nucleus. Eukarya is usually multi-celled organisms with a nucleus within its cell. Plants, Animals, Fungus, and Protists all occupy this kingdom, you and me. Now Archaea is the…

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