Essay on A Time Most Needing Of Individuality

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A time most needing of Individuality
Through the Renaissance, individuality began to come into light; expanding as an idea and reaching into new regions and people as it grew. To be an individual is to be creative in your own thinking, you’re free in your actions and you choosing your own path. At the beginning of the Renaissance life revolved around the church, it ruled them as a Government would have. It was very controlling and known for excommunication of anyone who disagreed. People in the early Renaissance were very contained in their thinking, taught to keep to themselves and do as the others did.
Roughly between the 11th C. and the 16th C. the Christian church began to shift and lose its power. During these years people began to see that the Christian church did not give real reason for the actions nor rules they made. The church sold indulgences, a slip of paper that said you were absolved from sin, a high price to pay for the church and the Pope to gain money. Martin Luther, in 1517, called on this with the 95 thesis, saying that this was not fair and had no evidence of absolution for the people. Martin Luther asked the question: if people didn’t understand the Latin sermons of the church, how could one know what they were teaching? The Reformation was a time when individuality was truly coming forth among the people. They began to believe not in the one God, but in what God meant for each individual.
Along with Martin Luther and the…

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