A Time Of Helplessness By Kien Nguyen Essay

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A Time of Helplessness The Unwanted is a Memoir written by Kien Nguyen of his childhood, and all the hardships him and his family faced. This memoir allows us to see the fall of Saigon from Kien’s perspective. A lot of the events in this book are hard to fathom and sometimes hard to read. The family went through a lot more than I can imagine. One thing I can pick out from this Memoir is the family felt a lot of helplessness in many different ways. Along with: fear, courage hope, hopelessness, and many more.
The Nguyen family, along with aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends went through many hardships and tragedies. Many of these tragedies were very unfortunate. The family lived in Nhatrang which was a capitalist community, until the tragedy came upon everyone with the fall of Saigon. The communists were going to take over. Kien and his family heard the radio talking about everyone evacuating and relocating elsewhere, but Kien’s family was feeling a bit helpless with their limited resources. So they waited in fear of what would come next. Kien expresses the family’s feeling of helplessness in the following quote, “We have been listening to the radio. Saigon is going to give up. The military is about to collapse. The other side is gaining so much power; it seems that nothing and no one can stop them now” (29). The Nguyen family, even with their limited resources knew they needed to take action and do something to get themselves to safety. Along with the Dang family…

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