A Time Of Transition : Middle Age Essay

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A Time of Transition "Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle (Lockwood-Huie)." This quote made by comedian Bob Hope, shows the levity some feel about the middle adulthood years. However, what exactly defines "middle age?" Middle age is the period of the life span that occurs from forty to about sixty years of age (Santrock, 2012). Individuals in this period of development are usually expanding their personal and social involvement, assisting the next generation in becoming mature and competent persons, as well as maintaining satisfaction in a career (Santrock, 2012). Adults in their middle-aged years are bombarded by age stereotypes, ways to help "reverse" the effects of aging, health issues, as well as increased pressure to prepare for their retirement years. These bombardments are usually from movies, magazines, and the media, as well as product commercials, and businesses that offer various services to the middle-aged adult. Movies and television shows are perhaps the worst offenders when it comes to age stereotyping. Disney 's situation comedies portray middle age adults as ugly. For example, in Disney 's My Babysitter 's a Vampire, a witch who had kept herself young for fifty-two years, is finally defeated, and returns to her normal age. She looks to be about fifty-five years old, and as soon as the teenagers look at her, their response is "gross," and she was not even that old! Disney 's situation comedies also seem to portray adults…

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