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Dr Montessori discovered that the child possess a mind which is totally different from that of an adult. The child absorbs all that is found around him, very much identical to the process of osmosis.
A key word before further development about the absorbent mind would be adaptation.
Adaptation might be considered as the trigger point. Why ? From his birth, in order to survive and to fulfil his role, the infant is adapting himself to the environment.
He was born helplessness and he’s adapting himself to the environment. While animals have pre-established behaviours, the child was born with no instincts, no capacity to survive by himself.
Little by little he will mute his helplessness into special
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The child register as it is, with no subjectivity, no interpretation, as pure as it is. Maria Montessori also used the development of the film as an analogy for the dawning of consciousness when what was stored in darkness is revealed.

The role of the Horme and the Mneme:
The growth and psychic of the child’s development are driven towards development by an unconscious will power and a vital force that urges the child to do what he needs to do to develop called ‘Horme‘.
The whole absorption is driven by the horme and stored by the Mneme.

The word 'horme' comes from Greek. Horme is an unconscious will power the urge the child on to do what he needs to do, to aid his divine urge which guides the child and his efforts to their goal.
Horme belongs to life in general, to what might be called the divine urge, the source of evolution. This vital force for his growth stimulates the child to perform many actions and, become independant.
The child is driven under the force of horme to perfect himself. He will perform actions that help him to make progress in his mental and physical growth and the development of his powers with enthousiasme.
From 3 to 6, the child will form his ego and his conscious will is rising to serve his own adaptation.

As children are observing everything in their environment, they are absorbing knowledge and storing it in the mneme which will later be brought to the conscious mind.
Mneme is is a supreme type of memory, which

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