Essay about Achieving Success Requires Time Management

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To execute a goal, a person must have everything mapped out first. I have been learning this since the sixth grade and have come to realize how true this is. To be successful with my education, I have been told to make sure I am working at my full potential and keeping everything in line. This applies specifically to my college education. Achieving success requires time management, stress management, and ambition, as it all works together to complete any goal. Setting a goal, whether it be academic or personal, needs to be established on a certain schedule. If the goal is a short-term or long-term goal, then the time-frame needs to be set in place. Putting all of the work that has to be done off until the last minute is not the best way to go about a task. I have come to realize that time can be used in your favor. The amount of time given to complete a goal is best utilized when a certain amount of time is designated to complete this goal step by step. I had to learn this the hard way. I was stuck in a constant loop of procrastination. This led to me constantly pushing things off to the last minute. All of my work ended up being completed, but it was not quality work. The result of this was the dropping of my grade. Even though I still get caught in the loop of procrastination from time to time, I have been managing my time wisely by staying organized. This includes writing in my agenda and making reminders of when assignments are due. It has helped me…

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