Essay on America 's The Beautiful.

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America the Beautiful. For Whom?
A well-known phrase in the Declaration of Independence states, “Life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” These specific rights are guaranteed to peoples of the world, and the government has a duty to protect and serve these rights. However, the meaning of these aforementioned words did not always seem to apply to every person. During the time of slavery and oppression, people of African descent had all rights removed, and received horrible mistreatment and abuse instead. Unless you commit a crime or do something that negatively affects society denied to you, nobody in this world should have their rights infringed merely based upon race, skin color, or ethnicity. The pre-mentioned rights of life, liberty, and happiness are stated to concern each citizen of the United States, but disregarded African Americans, proving these tenets to stand contrary to belief.
Living in slavery, oppression, hatred, and abuse cannot qualify as “living life.” In fact, it defines a life no one would want to live, but African Americans had no other choice. White doctors exploited African Americans as test subjects to perform medical practices and experimentations. These practices involved torturing, dehumanization, and sometimes life-threatening methods without signed consent. John Brown, a former slave, recalls his experience with a white doctor by stating, “He set to work to ascertain how deep my black skin went. This he did by applying blisters to my…

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