America 's Time Of Industrialization Essay

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A major shift in society occurred between 1870-1916 during America’s time of industrialization. Industrial jobs and urban living shined like a beacon of opportunity, flooding cities with a population boom. Amidst one of the biggest changes in U.S. history, the educational system in America had to find a way to educate students in a way that reflected the changing ideas, population, values, and jobs. The massive changes that were occurring sparked the Progressive Movement that lasted half of the beginning of the 20th Century. Education became split between one group of progressives led by John Dewey and another group led by Franklin Bobbitt, both with completely conflicting views on what the role of education should be in society. In the end, it was Bobbitt and scientific curriculum-making that succeeded in influencing schools and the curriculum the most, which is still echoing within the educational system of today.
Driving Factors for Change
Industrialism in America, during the late 19th Century into early 20th Century, ripped the seams of traditional, rural family units. Before job opportunities became available in cities, each member of the family, especially those with an abundance of children, contributed to the sustainment of the family business and stayed close to one another (Smith, 2011). However, the traditional family make-up dissipated as families split apart in order to fill jobs in the urban, industrial job market. During 1870, 25% of the population lived in…

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