An Unquiet Mind By Kay Redfield Jamison Essay

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The book, “An Unquiet Mind” written by, Kay Redfield Jamison shares struggles to accept her manic-depressive illness, which made even more difficult by her profession as a psychologist who specializes in treatment for mood disorders. She dealt with the persistent denial of the lifelong psychosis and the roller coaster episodes, which she references as the “Highs.” By presenting her story in the form of a personal memoir, Jamison can freely relate to the reader how her emotional “Highs” pleasantly intoxicating, which gave her more confidence, energy and clarity. Conversely, she also painted vivid dark pictures of the adrenaline-charged experience followed by debilitating depression. Then her manic cycles became frightening, slipping into complete detachment from reality, which fully caught her in the vice of psychosis. The depressive part of her illness, as it intensified, caused contemplation and attempted suicide, believing that her own body was in a rotten form. She referred to manic-depression as “A strange and driving force, a destroyer and a fire in the blood.”
Jamison’s first manic episode was at the age of 17, displaying extreme behaviors supported by intense energy, sporadic blathering which caused friends to become alert to her behavior, followed by recommendation to slow life down. Envisage links to deep depression that left her exhausted, unable to function or focus on school or any other aspects of life. Therefore leading to the crutch of alcohol in orange juice…

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