Analysis Of ' A Beautiful Mind ' By Sylvia Nasar Essay

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Everyone has problems People always have some form of problems in their lives. These “problems” can range from many different ranges from a family matter to a mental disease. Most issues that people have dissolve over time but some of these diseases will only leave with proper treatment. The hardest part about treatment is finding out who needs it. There are signs and symptoms for every disease that can be detected by picking up on keen details that the patient states occur throughout their daily lives. If you can determine the disease they have, you can help stop or at least help suppress the disease. In the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare you will learn about a young girl who can not overcome her loss of her father and ends up losing grip on reality. Without anyone to help her she continuously falls into a worse state of mind until she no longer feels the need to live in her world of pain and suffering. In the book “A Beautiful Mind” by Sylvia Nasar a promising man in the field of math can not control his own mind. He takes you on a journey that only he knows is happening and has you follow a reality that really never existed. “Hamlet” has many characters that show signs of a mental illness but one of the characters shows extreme signs of hysteria. Ophelia is a young girl in her teens that is growing up with just her father. She has a charming personality and ever attracts attention from Hamlet throughout the book. People would consider her to be living a very…

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