Analysis Of Katherine Boo 's Behind The Beautiful Forevers Essay

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The living conditions of slum-dwellers are way too miserable that it sounds like a long way away story or even a hypothetical scenario. It is hard to imagine what it is like to live in the slums without actually visiting and observing it. However, not everyone gets the opportunity to have this experience; and thus, the best replacement would be to read Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Throughout her book, Boo proves that the poor blame each other for every problem and that the rich also blame the poor for the faults in their governments and the markets. She proves this by examining the daily problems that the slum-dwellers face: poverty, diseases and corruption.
Boo specifically looks at the lives of people in the Indian slum called Annawadi. Described as “shit in between roses,” Annawadi is a slum by the Mumbai airport, which is surrounded by extravagant hotels, condominiums and office towers. Boo introduces Abdul, a teenage boy who sells garbage, as the main character of the book. Much of the focus is on Abdul’s family and their neighbors.
In order to escape from poverty, most residents of Annawadi either do scavenging work or garbage trading. Abdul makes living out of collecting garbage and his hard work has brought a relative prosperity to his family. However, economic envy leads to a conflict between his family and Fatima, the one-legged woman who lives next door. Diseases and physically disability are another daily problems that dwellers of Annawadi…

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