Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Beautiful Boy '

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“And now, with Nic in the hospital, I learn that I love him more, and more compassionately than ever” (Sheff 201). Sheff’s son, Nic, has just overdosed and is now in the hospital because of it. Often tragedies like this bring out our strongest love in people, many times we let people drift away until these tragedies happen, and it is too late. This is not the case, however, for David Sheff, who often tries to let his son drift away in hope of it helping cure him. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot let go because of his love for him. Early on in Nic’s life he experiences a divorce that really affects him overall. It impacts him emotionally more than physically early on. These emotional thoughts lead to something that he wishes he would have never heard of. Drugs, drugs begin to take over Nic’s life and put him and his family in a battle between the drugs and each other. In the book Beautiful Boy, by David Sheff, a deep and touching theme is created through brilliant use of literary elements, people can rise through their darkest times with love, support, and sacrifice around them.
Symbolism within this book is implemented throughout in the form of characterization. Sheff camouflages this use of symbolism making it difficult to recognize at first sight. One example is when Sheff says, “Within a day, pictures of Polly Klaas with her long brown hair and gentle eyes are plastered on every store window and telephone pole in town” (44). The use of characterization may come off…

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