Essay on Analysis Of The Documentary ' Hearts And Minds '

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Hearts and Minds begins with footage on a village that is northwest of Saigon in Vietnam named Hung Dinh. Without any type of introduction the film starts off in this setting and leaves its viewer unexpectant of what is to come. You see the activities of farming, children running around, and other normal day to day activites. What seems as a calm and normal environment for villagers to live there lives has a unexpected future in hold. The documentary follows this by showing rare footage dating back to the mid 1900s of people who were interviewed in all sorts of subjects but the main topic seemed to be communism. You get to hear what I made out to be the opinions of some political figures, also the stories of veterans of the Vietnam war, along with other people who were involved in governmental affairs in those years. What I took out of majority of those interviews was opposition to the actions of the United States and also felt that there was something the people of the US were never told. After watching in deeper, the ball slowly started rolling in the direction of the Vietnam War and United States involvement in it. We get to hear stories from actual pilots who bombed Vietnam during the war, along with their personal feelings on what they did. I found my interest for the documentary slowly growing at this point because alot of this was raw footage of history i was never aware of. I also learned about the US Navy Commander George Thomas Coker who was a prisoner of war…

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