Analysis Of The Film ' A Beautiful Mind ' Essay

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A Beautiful Mind The film, A Beautiful Mind, opens with a professor speaking to an incoming class of graduate students at Princeton University in 1947 (Grazer & Howard, 2001). The professor tells the group of students about the impact mathematicians have had on the United States, particularly in regards to the war against the Soviet Union. He inspired the students by challenging them to create and publish something new in the world of mathematics, in hopes of impacting the world as other mathematicians have. These words would later impact one student, John Nash, in particular. Upon hearing these words from his professor, Nash becomes obsessed with publishing his thesis on an original idea. While setting out to do so, Nash became good friends with his roommate Charles, a graduate student studying literature. Charles inspired Nash by telling him that his answer will be found out in the world, not in his room, where he spent most of his time. While out at a bar with his friends, Nash formulated the idea of “Game Theory.” After finishing his thesis on the very idea, Nash is told that his work will be published and is awarded a grant to work and teach at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Grazer & Howard, 2001).
After working for some time, Nash is met by a CIA agent, William Parcher (Grazer & Howard, 2001). Parcher recruits Nash to do code-breaking work for the United States government, in hopes of finding and stopping the Soviet Union’s atomic bomb.…

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