Applying Time Management Skills Help Reduce Unnecessary Stress

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The process I took to begin creating my annotative bibliography consisted of multiple steps over the past three weeks. One of the first tasks I took included developing a “To Do List” and from this list I was able to draft a daily schedule devoting a minimum of 30 minutes per day towards executing these tasks. This schedule allows me to incorporate time management skills to reduce unnecessary stress. My next errand was to establish a firm understanding of what exactly an annotative bibliography is and aligned this definition with my Professor’s writing prompt. Although it may seem minimal these steps give me a solid foundation to begin my preliminary research regarding my topic.
I began with my usual base search through Google utilizing the topic “Issues of College Life” and noticed that mental health issues ranging from depression to addiction seem to be a common concern. I then settled on addiction however with further research I found that the “addiction” topic alone remained vastly broad and needed to do more narrowing. With societal views in mind I decided to rest on college binge drinking. Roughly 60% of college students report consumption of alcohol and of this 60% 2 out of 3 of them disclosed to be binge drinkers (NIAAA) . Alcohol consumption appears to be the most socially accepted drug and highly promenade on college campuses. Media depicts college drinking as a rite of passage for students entering this new phase of life and began to question this…

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