Article Review : Viruses Of The Mind Essay

873 Words Apr 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Religion is very controversial subject to talk about, let alone to argue about. Richard Dawkins, author of Viruses of the Mind, does that exact thing he takes religion and in terms dissects it. While most people will be terribly offended by what Dawkins has written about, he is essentially laying out the facts about religion. Many “extremists” of a religion would say that Dawkins has malicious intentions since he is going against what their beliefs are. Religion has been a part of the human way for thousands of years. Humans have taken this concept of god creating everything and his ability to manipulate anything in the universe. While this concept may seem valid to people the reality is that none of the theories presented by a religion can not be proven or disproven. Therefore, enforcing that religion can never be said to be false, which is essential for the survival of religion. Religion itself is a mind virus. It fits all the symptoms of a virus. Its not only a successful virus but the very best mind virus ever created in the history of humanity. Humanity has many viruses such as fashion which is a great example of virus since it is so easily infected into other minds. But as good as it might seem, fashion trends end making that virus stop. Religion on the other hands has been there for centuries. It is such a great mind virus since no one can ever gather evidence to prove it wrong. It also makes people have faith which is a great part of a human. But ultimately it…

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