Autism : An Exploration Into A Unique Mind Essay

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Autism: An exploration into a unique mind

Autism is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the U.S. and affects tens of millions of families worldwide. The occurrence of Autism has increased 30% in the last two years. A family caring for someone with Autism spends, on average, $60,000 per year on resources to help their loved one. Autism Speaks is the worlds ' leading Autism advocacy organization whose mission is " To improve the lives and future of all who struggle with an Autism Spectrum Disorder."( Autism Autism Speaks is a non profit organization who collects donations to fund research, help families receive services and increase awareness. They need your help today to reach more families in need of support.

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a neuromuscular disorder that affects a persons ability to communicate and can severely impact their relationships with others. While symptoms vary significantly from person to person, all those affected struggle to be accepted. Symptoms range from failure to respond when their name is called, resisting physical affection and making poor eye contact or lack of facial expressions to being unable to speak, understand simple direction or being unable to express emotions. ( mayo clinic.) A person affected with Autism may be resistant to change and develop specific routines and patterns. They can become very frustrated and agitated if their routines are disrupted. They may also have to be moving constantly…

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