Bald Eagle Times # 58 Essay

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Bald Eagle Times #58 Music in WWII

To the faithful readers of the Bald Eagles Times: In contrast to the other recently published articles, this is not your typical war story. In fact, it is not even directly related to the war. It is actually a story of the evolution of music leading up to and even throughout the war. Music, it is safe to say, is what kept the nation together. It gave us a fallback which we could all enjoy, regardless of our situation in life, race, or economical status. In the future, I hope that when people look back on the 1940 's, they will remember not just the men who gave their lives so that we could be free, but also the music that was inspired by and an inspiration to these people. While many of these heroes are deceased, they live on in the music that they inspired. Music makes up legends, and legends go on forever. They keep on being told, and they don 't ever die. There were many popular styles of music during the 1940 's. The 1940 's were the peaking point of music in america. Swing, the blues, jazz music and country music were all popular styles during the war. The overall popular style, the one that dwarfed all of the others, perhaps what characterizes American Classical Music, was the seventeen-piece big band. There were a whole mess of singers that were trying to gain their place in the world. There were four singers in particular, however, who along with his/her signature composition, performed out above the rest. Tommy Dorsey, was one of…

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