Beautiful Boy Application Essay

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Beautiful Boy Application

1. Apply the concepts of Piaget to Nic’s development.
The fourth stage in Piagets Theory is Formal Operational Period. In this stage, which begins around eleven years of age and continues through adulthood, children become capable of applying mental operations to abstract concepts. They can imagine and reason about hypothetical situations. From this point on, people start to think in abstract, systematic, and logical ways. I believe that this is the stage that got the best of Nic. He started to drink alcohol at 11, marijuana at 12, and it just kept going. He kept experimenting with more drugs and finally Crystal Meth. To be honest I think that he may have never developed the full capacity for formal
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Well Nic was not successful and true to himself because by the age 18 he had experimented with many other drugs and was on looking towards Crystal Meth. At this point, he has lost his true identity and is going off track. Going into his Young Adulthood he was already strong on Meth. He became more and more into the drug; everyday losing more of himself and hurting his family. The vicious cycle never seemed to end.

3. Apply Family Systems theory to the Sheff family. What concepts are evident in their interactions?

“We are dysfunctional…I'm not sure if I know any 'functional' families, if functional means a family without difficult times and members who don't have a full range of problems.” (14) The Sheff family was dysfunctional, but also considering all the challenged and obstacles they went through with Nic that can cause a strain, which would certainly not result in normal functional family. And I would have to agree with David – I don’t know if I know any “functional families.” Nic certainly was the most difficult member in the family. Calls to the hospitals and long nights wondering if Nic was OK are things his dad became very familiar with. When Nic was on the street, his dad would drive around looking for him, hoping to find him and get him help. That would cause strain on any family. His father tried to instill family roles and family rules and

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