Being Unemployed Can Be A Difficult Time Essay

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Being unemployed can be a difficult time in your life and figuring out what to do can be overwhelming. As of September 2013, I became a displaced worker I am currently unemployed to this day.
I was terminated from my job due to the reorganization of a company. My previous employer restructured their business by cutting back and downsizing departments. In an attempt to keep me employed at this company, management moved me to another department which ended up not being a good job fit for me to continue working for this organization. In my professional work I am good in analyzing and interpreting situations in the work place. I like the idea of solving problems and making sure all people involved have a good understanding. In the new position I was not able to perform up to management expectations or satisfaction. I was reprimand and placed on a coaching plan which was assessed daily. It was determined my job performance was not up to the employer standards. I was discharged for unsatisfactory job performance. The job duties and responsibilities required me to make a certain amount of calls each day as part of the verification process for workers compensation claims in addition I had to maintain a condition of service. I could not close the required number of claims daily. It was not that I did not understand how to perform the job duties. The dilemma with the new position had a lot to do with the unreasonable requirements and standards upper management…

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