Essay about Calendars and Time

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Calendars and Time

May 23, 2011

Calendars and Time Calendars have existed everywhere throughout man’s history. Each culture had their own opinion and reasoning behind the calendars that were developed and used. Whether guided by the moon, the sun, the seasons, or the rotation of Earth, man has been working to devise a calendar that keeps accurate account of time and that fits into each cultural life style. The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used calendar today, but that doesn’t make it the only one. There are several different calendars in existence including the World calendar. Each has its good attributes and each has its negative attributes. The following is an examination of the above mentioned calendar systems.
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For example, what would happen to all of the birth certificates dated May 31st since the day no longer would exist?
Most Useful for Modern America Modern America is a fast paced society. If it were to use the World Calendar system, business would be able to communicate better with all the days being the same. There would no longer be any guessing about where holidays fall for the particular year, and the entire world would have a holiday at the end of the year. Although there are many reasons why this system would be most useful, there are also reasons why it would be difficult to incorporate it into Americas everyday lives. What would happen to the calendar selling business? What is the cost of changing birthdays that no longer exist? Every electronic devise with a calendar would have to be reprogrammed. These reasons are all one that can be handled over a course of time, but it the world ready to deal with the cost that is associated with unity? This may be the best choice of calendar systems, but America may be too greedy to fall into line.

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