Communication Skills For Effective Management Essay

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Hargie, O., Dickson, D., & Tourish, D. (2004). What’s your problem? Helping in the workplace. Communication skills for effective management, 12, 317-346.

In this article, Hargie et al. show the difficulties in the workplace for manager and how to deal with those problems and the compulsory elements for successful management. The authors use materials from the research of UK and US to present the problems of staff at work. Those researches cause the counselling in the workplace. In this part, the authors explain the meaning of counselling and the effect of it on staff and manager at work. The strongest aim of this article is that Hargie et al. give many solutions to face with the problems. However, poor examples, situations and lack of arrangement for the qualities of effective helpers are two disadvantages, thus the authors intimate that reader need to consult carefully, evaluate and exert depend on situation. Finally, the article is useful for food and beverage service management because it evaluates and proposes many ways to solve the risks for manager at work.

Stephen J. Zaccaro, Andrea L. Rittman, Michelle A. Marks (2001). Team leadership. The Leadership Quarterly 12, 451- 483. Viewed on 10th August 2015, In this article “Team leadership”, Stephen et al. review the functional leadership, leadership and team processes and team influences on leader on…

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