Computers : The Effects On The Mind And Development Essay

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Computers: The Effects on the Mind and Development
Decades ago a computer in every home was just a thought, now it is a reality. Computers are used more and more each day in schools and homes. According to the United States Census Bureau, 75.6 percent of homes in America are equipped with a computer (see fig. 1). Schools are also using the internet and computers as an aid in classrooms. This means that not only are children using the computer at home, they are also using them more and more in schools too. But, how much exposure is too much? Years ago, children were thriving without the aid of the internet; does the computer actually make children of this new modern, technology driven world smarter? The majority of parents will agree that the computer does more help than harm. However, the computer may have an effect not only on a child’s mental development, but their social developments as well. Fig. 1. Households computer and internet use from 1984-2011.
Computer and Internet Use in the United States. United States Census Bureau (May 2013).

Dr. Larry Rosen’s Solution Dr. Larry Rosen is an established psychologist from the Psychology Department at California State University. Dr. Rosen spent countless hours studying what he calls “psychology of technology” (Rosen, 2013, para. 2). This psychology of technology is glimpse into the overuse of technology and the developing mind of a child. Many parents are conflicted when it comes to their children and the…

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