Consciousness, Time, And Change Without Time Essays

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Consciousness, Time, and Change Without Time

Can anything have the characteristic of being in time? Like McTaggart, who is widely credited with beginning the discussion of the philosophy of time, I will endeavor to show that it’s not. My approach will differ from his because I regard a scientific theory to be a specie of philosophical theory, and more importantly, because a theory stands in relation to logical, conceptual, perceptual or actual phenomena in our world. Doing away with the A-series is therefore necessary but not sufficient to show that nothing exists in time, i.e., that time is unreal. If our experience of time is not evidence for real time, one must still account for this experience: ponder its origin, what might this experience hinge on, and whether it is possible for time to exist in isolation of these things. I will endeavor to show that time does not exist in isolation of these and I will argue that the literature has hitherto agreed with this assessment. What’s left is to bring together relevant threads of this discussion to draw a conclusion that, at the very least, offers a plausible solution to our conundrum.

If anyone feels sufficiently comfortable with the jargon of this discussion, you may feel free to jump ahead of §I. Since I want layman and, in particular, people new to this discussion to understand my thesis, it is necessary to survey the discussion thus far. I will therefore discuss the A-theory and B-theory of time, what they…

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