Essay about Creativity And The Human Mind

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According to many the human being acquires a skill that can distinguish itself from other organisms that reside on this plant, which the creative mind and the ability to express this creativity in every aspect of life. Creativity is a skill that can be found within every person within us it does not not distinguish its self in any shape or form but can variate from a person to another, one man’s art can be another man’s garbage. Every ones perspective about creativity differs from the other. Creativity can be perceived as divine intervention and held with holy stature and is regard as sacred by many faiths and religions, and within culture, it is highly regarded and praised up on, and throughout history people that are blessed with creativity are renowned, and revered among many as the generations go on. Creativity is a part of human nature and can never be detached from us. The human mind is one of, if not, the most complex organ in the human mind, our mind biologically not different from any other organism. Two thing distinguish our minds from any other living thing within this world, which are the ability to reason and be creative. With those to abilities, which we obtained from millions of years of evolution, created the world we see today with all its glory. Every human possess this ability, even those who are not aware of it, what made me discover my creativity and made me more appreciative about it was, my first photo shoot at an open mic event, I realized that to…

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