Culture Is The Same Exact Mind Essay

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Everyone looks at culture a little different from everyone else because no human being has the same exact mind. For example, there are several definitions for culture in the dictionary because not everyone sees that only one can fix it. Also, because of having a lot of different cultures, people may look at culture for one another from how they are grown up. Culture, to me, refers to how citizens appearance is and how they eat around other people and in their own homes. Culture also means how citizens show their actions and behaviors around one another. Because there are so many different types of culture, there will be a lot of arguments and issues around the world.
First, culture refers to how their appearance is and how they eat around other people and in their own homes. While in the United States almost everyone dresses the same: casual pants, shirts, dresses, and etc; in other countries people may have to cover up their whole body, including face. Other cultures have rules about how all the women have to wear dresses or skirts. In different cultures there is always a native language. Some people may not speak that specific language but most usually do. That always shows the other cultures the difference from one another. Another way I look at culture is how their physical appearance is similar to their own cultural. For example, most Asian’s are usually small, have the tiny eyes, and are pretty tan, but Native Americans are tall, big eyes, and are more brown. What…

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