Demand Side Management For Some Time Now Essay

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Demand Side Management in Microgrids

For some time now, there has been growing concern about the continuous consumption of fossil fuels, coupled with issues of environmental depletion and low energy efficiency for electricity power generation and use. This has increased the use of alternative energy resources (wind, biomass, solar and hydro systems) in forms of distributed energy resources (DERs) or distributed generators (DGs) [1].
However, these distributed generators come with safe and efficient system operation challenges, which requires effective management, these challenges or issues can be addressed by Micro Grid system (MGs).
The micro grid system is a combination of distributed energy resources (DERs) that are collections from diesel engines, wind turbine systems, batteries, photovoltaic solar cells (PV), combined heat and power (CHP) systems, and loads, low voltage (LV) generators, energy storage, load controller equipment, etc. This is a subdivision of the distribution network. It can either be operated in an isolated mode or be connected to a grid [1]. The micro grid has three important features; the first is to efficiently manage the energy system, by operating, regulating and controlling the inflow of power into the power grid. Secondly, there is economic benefit from the operation of the micro grid through confinement of energy resources which leads to reduction of pollutions and lastly, the system can be operated either integrated with the grid or…

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