Descartes ' Theory Of The Body And Mind Essay

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Imagine a soldier losing his leg after the war. He loses a piece of his body, but does he what happens to his mind? In Descartes’ excerpt, from “Descartes Selections,” he explains how though the detachment of persons’ limb signifies separation from the body, the same cannot be said for the mind in the same context. With a series of supported arguments he proves that while the body and the mind can have a connection and a relationship with each other, the body can be divided into many parts and the mind cannot. In Discussion and around this topic, Descartes is very prevalent in his opinion around the ultimate division of the body and mind. We will reference his philosophy around what it means to have two separate entities as humans.
Descartes’ theory about the mind and body states that the body is “always divisible” and the mind cannot be divided (Descartes). To support this argument he explains how the body is known for its parts and to divide it would be separating the parts from the body and not the mind. Descartes’ also states that one must accept that the mind is “single and complete” if one cannot look within oneself and divide it. He counter argues free will, knowledge, emotions, and other factors and goes on to explain that they do not make up the mind but rather that they are effects of the mind. His last argument clarifies how the body would send signals to the brain and then to the mind resulting in the feelings of sensations such as pain. With this argument,…

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