Description Of A Good Time Management Skills Essay

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Good time management skills is imperative for owner operators in the trucking industry. Without this one important skill the driver’s business is most definitely going to flounder. As a high school student and early adult I never had set time schedules for anything, and most times I was late for appointments. Those times are now in my rearview mirror and I will never return to that way of life again. My lesson in time management was a swift and tough battle when I started my career as a professional driver. Thankfully I was blessed with a very successful businessman for a CDL instructor and trainer. My trainer stressed how important time-management skills are by asking me if I would hire someone that is consistently late for the job. Late arrivals to can force shippers or receivers to book their freight with other carriers. Which in time means I would have a hard time finding freight to keep my truck moving efficiently.

As a professional driver I must always be aware of time schedules. My times that I am constantly looking at are my pickup and delivery times, for the simple fact that being late in my career can cause a loss in upcoming freight. One key skill in time management that I am consistently using is analyzing my current situation (Chambers, 2015). Such as if a shipper delays loading the product in a timely fashion, do I now have time on my log book to make my destination legally? Will I have the time to stop for my lunch break? Do I now have the time to take…

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