Difference Between Exemplary Management And Poor Management Essay

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Every organization of every size has a management. In fact, the difference between exemplary management and poor management can be the different between an exemplary company and a poor company. The fate of an organization is strongly correlated to the sate of its management. Organizations are dependent upon the effectiveness of their managerial staff. There are three categories of management skills that exist: technical skills, who encompass a manager’s ability to “apply specialized knowledge or expertise”; human skills, which focus on a manager’s ability to “understand, communicate with, motivate, and support other people”; and conceptual skills, which are the “mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations.” Although all three categories are closely tied to the goodness of a manager, in a world that is becoming smaller and smaller, as teamwork grows, human skills are especially important for all levels of management. Effective human skills are key to innovation, positive work environments, and effective leadership.

Effective human skills are vital to an organization’s success both within the company and when interacting with people outside the company. The ability to work well with other people creates a more cohesive and positive work environment, which can result in greater productivity and hard work among employees. Furthermore, on an economic perspective, creating an environment where employees feel understood and empowered, and like they matter and are…

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