Distinguishing Features of the Major Court Systems Essay

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Distinguishing Features of the Major Court Systems
Katie Van Alstine
University of Phoenix

Distinguishing Features of the Major Court Systems There are two kinds of courts in the United Stated – state courts and federal courts. Each one possesses their own distinguishing features. We will look at the key players at each level as well as jurisdictional rules, interpretation issues as well as the effect of evolving technology on court proceedings at each level. State courts are established by each individual state and within the state there being local courts that are established by cities, counties, and other municipalities. Federal courts, however, are established under the US Constitution and their main focus is to decide
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Initially judges resisted the evolution of technology in their courtrooms, but now many judges insist that lawyers rely on these electronic exhibits and do away with the good old paper method. Paperless courtrooms are becoming a way of the future and more and more judges are realizing that once they embrace this new technology that it will make each case easier to understand and will also speed up the length of time that it may take to complete a trial. The first step when deciding to use these advancements in technology is to learn what the presiding judge likes and will allow in his/her courtroom. Not all courtrooms are pre wired so both the prosecution and the defense will need to bring any equipment they might need throughout the trial such are projectors, monitors or wiring. However, if you are planning to bring equipment into the courtroom it is important to receive permission from the judge. Some technology has changed the face of the courtroom. This technology could include monitors for the judge, the witness, and the counsel. However, when using this technology, such as a plasma monitor for the jury, it is imparitive that the jury be able to see clearly and understand what is showing on the screen. The judge, counsel and all witness will all have printouts or paper copies of the exhibit, but the jury will not. In some courtrooms, the judge has gone to using plasma screen big screen TVs to have the defendant present.

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