Dreams And The Mind Of Dreams Essay

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There are many perceptions to what a dream actually is. Some view dreams as the subconscious trying to speak to people, and others see it as religious visions of the future. Over the years physicians and psychologists have collected countless amounts of research and evidence to support their viewpoints on dreams. I have always believed that dreaming is a time when the brain develops and analyzes important information (Bernstein 149). Dreams do not mean anything specific, and everyone has their own cultural perspectives of dreams. In reality, no one has the power to analyze and tell people the meanings of their dreams. Dreaming is a time when the brain experiences story-like perceptions and sensations. They may be as short as a few seconds or long as a couple of minutes, but the most vivid dreams occur in deep sleep. Some dreams contain a small amount of logic even when they seem like they do not make any sense at all, and research proves that (Bernstein 149). No one knows why humans dream, the analysis of dreams, or why humans have different perceptions of them; therefore, researchers do not have definite answers for society.
The meanings of dreams change constantly so people who have come to the conclusion that all dreams have a specific meaning and purpose do not have accurate evidence to back it up. Early studies from a physician named Sigmund Freud played a role in psychologists studying dream analysis (Bernstein 149). According to Freud, dreams are wishes that may be…

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