Essay Dreams : The Mind Of A Man, Woman, Or Child?

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Many often assume that a dream is a jumble of thoughts placed into one ball of nothing. But do dreams mean something? Do they have a purpose in the mind of a man, woman, or child? Or are they just one’s imagination?Not only do dreams reveal their own hidden truths, but the Old Testament and recent studies have shown that there is more to the unconscious mind than what is inferred.

A dream is much more than an image from the mind. “When an individual has fallen short of his own standards or failed to be true to himself , he may suffer a recriminating dream that pulls him up short. This type of dream exposes the dark or negative aspects of the self which Jung calls ‘the realization of the shadow’.” When a man seeks truth, he turns to his friends and family. While in slumber, he arrives to a place in his mind where the obstacles are removed and the truth is revealed. That is why people have recriminating dreams, to find the truth behind each thought and action. “The majority of signs and messages in dreams are disturbing since they arise from painful conflicts, but encouragement and amelioration appear, also.” For example, a child is worried about her grades and is praying to know that she made progress. The child later dreams about graduation and sees her future career. “In the 1950s a housewife dreamed she should sell her stocks and buy land in Virginia Beach. She bought 16 ½ acres total for $5,000. She has already refused an offer of $5,000 per acre.(Sechrist)” In many…

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