Drug Addiction : The Mind And Body Of Its Users Essay

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Drug addiction is a powerful condition that imprisons the mind and body of its users, which leads to the question of whether the option to use remains a choice or becomes a disease. Current statistics reveal that 24.6 million Americans reported using illicit drugs in 2013 (SAMHSA, 2014). That number alone is clear evidence of a significant drug problem in our society. Throughout history there have been conflicting opinions about drug addiction being a choice or a disease. In this paper, I will present information that will substantiate the claims that addiction is in fact, a disease. In order to clearly demonstrate that fact, I will identify common opinions and research on the topic of drug addiction. I will then explain the neurobiological aspects of addiction, the brain reward system, cycle of addiction, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and brain anti-reward system.
Those who reject the disease concept of addiction are generally under the assumption that addiction is merely a result of a poor choice (Stanford, 2009). Many who support the choice theory, often believe that the choice to do drugs is a result of faulty character, bad morals and an absence of willpower (Stanford, 2009). Heyman (2013) argues that making bad choices or over-indulging is simply human nature. Countless numbers of people make poor choices regarding things like food, exercise, and sexual partners. Individuals make those choices to meet their immediate needs and usually select the option…

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