Effective Time Management Can Improve The Quality Of Life And Prevent Them From Missing Deadlines

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Secondly, effective time management can help students to improve the quality of life and prevent them from missing deadlines. Good time management skills can reduce the stress of students because they are not pressured into doing assignments as they are able to manage their workload. The strengths of having good time management can help students to produce a good piece of work in less time as they know how to use their time effectively. Students can improve their reputation by having good time management because it shows that they are reliable. In relation to work, the Prolific living 2010 stated that having a good punctuality can make good impressions to the managers and co-workers. Students will gain respect and can prove that they are reliable when they are always on time in their workplace. Students can set their smart goals to help them achieve their goals in life. Setting a goal can easily help them to work on their priorities and work on what they want to accomplish.
Having a good time management requires self-improvement and discipline. If students are unorganised and cannot manage their time efficiently, this will cause them to miss deadlines. The weakness of having poor management can lead to inefficient work flow. Students normally plan ahead, but stick to their daily plan which is less efficient because students should set a plan in completing similar tasks first at the same time instead of jumping from one task to another to meet deadlines. If students do…

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