Effective Time Management Can Reduce Job Induced Stress Essay

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Leadership Challenges
Although I always meet deadlines, there is typically an overabundance of information spread across my desk and computer screen where I busily cross-reference and connect ideas. This process of tackling projects, particularly those I’m solely responsible for, leads to inefficient time management. Always calm on the outside and confident in my ability to get it done, I will, in the final hours, be stressed as I consolidate my thinking for the final product. I have reflected upon this frequently during the semester as I have had to balance work, family, and graduate school for the first time. In the past, I juggled graduate school and work only; now, I have to add my two children and husband to the mix! As a result, I am paying closer attention to my schedules, work tasks, and school assignments to ensure I maintain a level of sanity for myself and those around me. Effective time management can lead to increased control which can reduce job-induced stress (Classens, Van Eerde, Rutte, & Roe 2004; Macan, 1994). Studies have shown that individuals can use time more efficiently by establishing short-term and long- term goals by prioritizing, utilizing to-do lists, and organizing one’s workspace (Classens, Van Eerde, Rutte, & Rod 2007; and Macan, 1994). Inefficient time management is linked to my inability to “stop my brain” from generating new ideas, approaches, and thinking outside the box.
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