Evaluation Of This Domain Will Focus On Leadership Essays

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The analysis of this domain will focus on leadership. I have demonstrated my understanding and development in this domain within appendix4, 5 and 6 to analyst my skills. It is a legal requirement that all nurses must facilitate nursing students and others to develop their competence, using a range of professional and personal development (NMC, 2010). Appendix 4 details a leadership self-assessment tool completed by myself in class. It describes my current self-assessed leadership capabilities as a student nurse. Appendix 5 is a poster made by myself in classroom which highlights mentorship in my future action plan. Appendix 6 shows a feedback form from my mentor in sixth placement about a microteaching session that I facilitated to one patient with insulin self-management. NMC (2015, p8) requires all nurses must “share your skills, knowledge and experience for the benefit of people receiving care and your colleagues”.

So What?
Evidence shows mentoring for leadership development is a dynamic and collaborative process to facilitate skills development in practice (Sherring, 2013; Kilgallon and Thompson, 2012). Grossman(2013) agrees the relationship between facilitator and learner is the single most important factor in creating a positive educational learning environment. But practice education occurs in an environments that can be unstructured, unpredictable and overwhelming (Twentyman et al., 2006). It has been suggested that the phases of a relationship and development…

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