Exam for Management Essay

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Management and Organizations

True/False Questions


1. Today’s managers are just as likely to be women as they are men.
(True; moderate; p. 4)

2. Management affects employee morale but not a company’s financial performance.
(False; easy; p. 4)


3. In order to be considered a manager, an individual must coordinate the work of others.
(True; moderate; p. 5)

4. Supervisors and foremen may both be considered first-line managers.
(True; moderate; p. 6)


5. Effectiveness refers to the relationship between inputs and outputs.
(False; moderate; p. 8)

6. Effectiveness is concerned with the means of getting things done, while efficiency
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d. The single most important variable in employee productivity and loyalty is the quality of the relationship between employees and their direct supervisors.
(d; easy; p. 4)

32. According to data collected by Catalyst, a nonprofit research group, _________ percent of corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies are women. a. 55.3 b. 15.7 c. 39.7 d. 21.9
(b; moderate; p. 4)
Who Are Managers?

33. Someone who works with and through other people by coordinating their work activities in order to accomplish organizational goals is ___________. a. an assembly line worker b. a laborer c. a manager d. a salesperson
(c; easy; p. 5)

34. In the past, nonmanagerial employees were viewed as employees who ___________. a. reported to top executives b. reported to middle managers c. supervised others d. had no others reporting to them
(d; easy; p. 4)

35. Which of the following types of managers is responsible for making organization-wide decisions and establishing the plans and goals that affect the entire organization? a. first-line managers b. top managers c. production managers d. research managers
(b; easy; p. 7)

36. All levels of management between the supervisory level and the top level of the organization are termed _____________. a. middle managers b. first-line managers c. supervisors d.

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