Fashion, The Fashion Of The Time Essay

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For my research, I explored How and Why Fashion Repeats Itself. I investigated the history of fashion, the way and the reasons that fashion changes regularly. I discovered some specific examples such as denim jeans as well. In the process of the research, I took several steps. I examined various websites and several books and checked them for relevance and bias. Additionally, I conducted a survey with 40 people and collated it.
History of fashion
Fashion has always been key to how people especially woman have presented themselves to the world, and how society has wanted to present people to the world. From panniers that emphasized wide hips to shoulder pads that emphasized "power," the fashion of the time tells our history in great detail. One of the first things we do in the morning is decide what to wear. Whether we 're heading out for a day of leisure or getting ready to make a big sales pitch, our clothes help us tell our story throughout the day.
Fashion has always existed since the ancient times. In ancient Greek and Roman times was based more on function rather than style. It was never tight fitting and tunics covered with layers of draped cloth were the norm for both women and men. With the beginning of Christian influence, greater modesty demanded longer hemlines and sleeves. Nevertheless, clothing became more extravagant with embroidery and beading. During the Renaissance the style of clothing began to change. Dresses with an attached bodice and skirt became…

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