Essay about From The Time Distribution Of Beer Consumption

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From the time distribution of beer consumption. Because China 's north and south climate differences, beer consumption behavior has obvious seasonal characteristic, Almost all parts of the country in beer consumption season is concentrated in the summer and autumn. The duration of the season in the south will be longer than north area. This period of beer consumption accounts for over 60% of the total annual sales of beer in beer industry. But on the contrary, consumption is relatively cold and cheerless winter and spring, and the cold season of beer sales became even more depressed.

From the beer consumption function. It is primarily a social intercourse needs, physiological needs after it. Beer consumption in China is mainly focused on the consumer friends and relatives party, business and other aspects of social need. However, the pure beer as a healthy daily drink consumers also very few. From the perspective of the place of consumption, generally purchased from department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores these places, there are snack at parties, such as hotel, hotpot restaurant, visit and larger beer consumption place. Consumers from shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores where to buy beer mainly because of price comparison bargain or is more convenient, Second, the restaurant is in order to cater to the social demand of consumers to dinner.

From the point of China 's beer consumption group distribution, customers are mainly distributed in 18 to 50…

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