Getting A Full Time Job Essay

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In my life I have been very fortunate in that my parents have been willing and able to provide for my financial needs so that I have not had to get a full time job. My parents have always said that school was my job, and I have always worked hard to make sure that I do the absolute best I can in school. In high school I took all honors and AP classes, as well as participating in multiple clubs and after school activities, and now in my first year of college I am already a junior with credits and I am working hard to try to graduate in two and a half years. Although I have not had an officially job so far in my life, I have been babysitting for multiple families since I was about 12 or 13 years old. I have watched children ranging from newborns to middle schoolers, and I have watched as many as five children of various ages on my own. I have also babysat in large group settings for things like date nights or adult outings, with only one or two other people to help me. Along with babysitting I have also worked with children in a variety of other settings. I have taught multiple children’s church classes of all ages. I have also taught multiple Vacation Bible School classes with children ranging from age two to sixth grade. In high school I was able to volunteer at the Elementary School that was next to my high school. My sophomore year I helped with a first grade class, doing everything from observation to helping with classroom instruction. My senior year I was able to help…

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