Grand Times Essay

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Kaity Del Villar
ENG 101-114
Brett Houser
27 August 2014
Grand Times After school every day my sister, Kara, and I would go to my grandfathers house to wait for our mom to get off work. This was the regular until about eighth grade when my mom decided she could trust me to watch over things at our house until she came home. But visits to my grandpa were still regular things. We would go to his house at least once a day.
My grandpa was a typical “Get off my lawn you stinking kids” old man. He was a soldier. He was a weekend alcoholic. He wasn’t a very affectionate man. He didn’t say I love you. Ever. I said it to him one time but all he did was “Eh”. Though me and my grandpa were extremely close. We built many things together. We
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His eyes lit up with excitement. I had no idea how sick he was. I honestly thought he would be coming back home with us, until my cousin sort of burst on me one day and said “Don’t you get it? He won’t be leaving that hospital.” I couldn’t go see him after that. I couldn’t even sit in the waiting room without coming to tears. If I couldn’t control myself in the waiting room, Lord knows I would just break in front of him.
Sure we said nice things to each other the last time I saw him. But I had no idea that was the “Last” time I would see him. If I had known, oh the things I would have taken back. I still wish a million times a day that I could have told him that I loved him and thought he was a genius and so many more things. But I just kept avoiding him in fear of crying in front of him. Than one day when I was at school, a teacher walked in and asked for me. She took me to the hall and handed me her cell phone. My mom was on the line. She told me that he passed peacefully, but I didn’t take it peacefully. I was devastated. I was so upset at myself for completely avoiding him the last few days of his life. I didn’t know.
Since I was eight years old, my grandpa was pretty much my father figure. Grandpa has been gone almost four years now. My dad decided to try and keep himself in my life more now that I didn’t have that figure. He isn’t the best substitute. But at least he is making some sort of attempt. My mother left

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