Hazing Is A Long Time Problem Essay

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Hazing in sports is a long-time problem that does not receive a lot of attention. The tradition of hazing has been passed down through generations and has affected millions of people. Hazing is frequently seen among members of high school sports teams. Many times, older players feel that they can misuse their authority over new players to force them into acts of humiliation. Typically, coaches do not address the problem of hazing among their teams, and so the problem keeps developing. Unfortunately, the combination of abuse of power, denial, and common beliefs have made it difficult to terminate the issue.To put it simply, because hazing in sports creates animosity among players and can be potentially life threatening, coaches need to pay closer attention to their players and ensure that no hazing is taking place. By working against these common problems, an end to hazing may be in the near future.

Hazing has been developed overtime by traditional rites that can be dated back centuries. Some believe that it may have been developed from “[r]ites de passage, puberty rites, and other forms of initiation into tribal membership or adult status…” (Raalte). These traditions were seen as creating “...a mostly hostile physical and social environment…” which has been carried over into the integration of sports (Raalte). These abuse cycles are still seen in modern hazing. Much like these traditional rites, hazing creates hostility and animosity among players. It is important that…

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