Essay Historical Contexts ( Time Periods )

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● Historical contexts (time periods) including a description of how the time periods were presented in the book (clothing, use of language, mannerisms, etc.)- The time period in the book was not portrayed as ancient, as there were cars and lights. Due to the fact that this book is about animals we don’t explore much about the clothing and other human ideas. However, we do know that the time period must be set before the mechanical age as the farmers had to have animals doing the work for them instead of machines.
● Settings and locations (geography and speaker accents)- The setting in undisclosed but in the book is drawn as a very similar parallel to Russia with the farms around it such as Foxwood Farm and Pinchfiled Farm representing England and Germany respectively.
● Main characters, including character flaws/assets- Napoleon: Flaws and Assets- Napoleon’s flaws include his thirst for power and greed. However while these may be his flaws, they also work his assets. This is because he uses his high intelligence that he inherently has because he has a pig to extend his power and satisfy his greed. Napoleon is also the villain of the story because while he convinces all the animals of his greatness through the pig Squealer he also takes everything away from them and lies to them. He even claims that more animals are more equal than others by the end of the story. Napoleon besides for being greedy and power-hungry is very smart. He takes care of all of his problems in a…

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